Solutions of MWM-Iltekno Cooperation were the Most Preferred for the Power Plants Generating Electricity from Biogas and Landfill Gas Commissioned in Turkey in 2020 and 2021

There are significant resources to ensure biogas and landfill gas production in Turkey thanks to both population density and consumption habits. By commissioning facilities that will produce electricity with these resources, both economic value is created, and contribution is made for a sustainable future.

Çankırı Pelitözü – 1 x MWM TCG 2020 V16 Landfill

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey provides incentives to investors to increase the number of facilities that will produce energy from biogas and landfill gas. Together with the projects carried out within the scope of the incentives provided in 2020 and 2021, İltekno has partnered with MWM and has provided solutions with MWM’s high-tech gas engines specially configured for landfill gas and biogas at engineering, installation and service points for 85 Gas Engines in 30 different cities of its 42 customers operating in this field.

İltekno uses user-friendly MWM brand TCG 2016 / 3016/2020 / 3020 series engines that are highly efficient, do not require major maintenance for relatively long periods even when operated under difficult conditions. Biogas and landfill gas engines, which are exposed to difficult conditions and equipped with various sensors and advanced technology control systems placed on MWM Gas engine and environmental equipment, are managed with milliseconds of measured data, and offer low-cost and high-efficiency operation opportunity with hardware and software that allows proactive applications in the facilities which have their engineering and installation carried out by İltekno.

Afyon Armatec – 1 x MWM TCG2020V16 Biogas

The intense interest in the incentives provided brings with it challenges such as the simultaneous execution of the project and commissioning process of many facilities in a very short period of time. This requires flawless coordination and cooperation at every stage from procurement to engineering and field work to commissioning.

In order to manage many projects simultaneously and to meet the deadline for benefiting from incentives, it is necessary to manage projects in different locations with more than one team. Thanks to the long years of successful cooperation, successful engineering/project management and experienced field staff of İltekno and MWM, İltekno has successfully commissioned 16 gas engines in 10 different cities in October 2020, of those 9 gas engines in 6 different cities only in the last week of October with last acceptance date of October 31 and 7 gas engines in 7 different cities in June 2021, of those 7 gas engines in 7 different cities only in the last week of June with last acceptance date of June 30 without any delay.   

Pre-start tests and measurements
Automation panels produced in house used in İltekno power plants.

İltekno has helped its customers create economical added value with MWM biogas and landfill gas engines and increased the share of environmentally friendly energy solutions in the total installed power amount. İltekno and MWM will continue to provide all necessary support for the most efficient and environmentally friendly operation of these facilities in the coming years.