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Iltekno, a subsidiary of Enso Holding, was established in Istanbul in 1989. Iltekno’s main field of activity is providing turnkey gas/diesel engine based Power Plants.

During the 30 years from the day of its establishment, Iltekno has carried out a number of innovative power generation and cogeneration/trigeneration applications in various sectors like hotels, hospitals, airports, universities, landfills, biogas plants, industrial facilities and IPPs. With its in-house engineering, design, procurement, installation and after-sales services, Iltekno offers turnkey solutions with the most appropriate configurations to meet the needs of its customers. Iltekno has reached over 2000 MW of installed capacity with the services provided in 300 projects in Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria and Sub-Saharan Africa; 150 of these projects have been implemented on the basis of EPC (Engineering-Supply-Installation).

Iltekno, which has adopted respecting people and the environment as its basic principle, has committed to carry out its activities in compliance with the 10 Principles based on the United Nations declarations upon becoming a member of the United Nations Global Compact in 2019. Iltekno, the distributor and solution partner of MWM, is also the “Solution Partner” of Siemens in the field of automation.

  • 1989


    Establishment of Iltekno

    Iltekno was established in 1989 in Istanbul. The first projects undertaken were gas turbines for many industrial facilities in Turkey. Cooperation was established with MAN as an “Energy Solution Partner”.

  • 2002


    MWM Distributorship Agreement

    In 2002, Iltekno established a partnership with MWM as the distributor of MWM cogeneration projects in Turkey. Many projects have been concluded since the first years of the agreement

  • 2010


    1.000 MW

    Iltekno has concluded the projects of cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant of 1000 MW in total. All of these projects were carried out in Turkey and the Middle East.

  • 2011


    Establishment of Automation Facility

    Iltekno has been offering its services since 2011 with its internal automation, internal software and panel manufacturing teams. An automation facility was opened in Gebze to offer Iltekno branded solutions.

  • 2014


    1.500 MW

    Iltekno has concluded the projects of cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant of 1500 MW in total. Iltekno started to develop projects in new countries such as Iraq, Algeria and Egypt.

  • 2015


    Branch Establishment in Africa

    A total of 60 MW project in West Africa, Guinea was completed. The operation and maintenance of the power plants are carried out by Iltekno’s internal teams.

  • 2018


    Siemens Solution Partnership in Automation Systems

    Iltekno has become the Solution Partner of Siemens for automation systems.

  • 2019


    350 Employees on its 30th Year

    Iltekno has reached a total of 350 employees in 4 locations around the world in its 30th year.

  • 2020


    2,000 MW in 20 countries

    The cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant project completed by Iltekno in 250 different locations has reached 2,000 MW in total, and new countries in South America and Africa have been added to the reference list.