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Iltekno, was established in Istanbul in 1989. 

Since its establishment, it has been operating in the following areas:

– HFO power plants,

– Cogeneration-Trigeneration facilities,

– Electricity generation facilities from Landfill gas,

– Electricity generation facilities form Biogas,

– Electricity generation from wastewater treatment plants (WWTP),

– Automation,

With its in-house engineering, design, procurement, installation, and after-sales services, Iltekno prioritizes customer satisfaction. With more than 320 successful projects in over 24 countries on 4 continents, İltekno has achieved an installed capacity of over 2300mW. It has completed over 150 of these projects on an EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) basis. Following numerous successful projects in different continents and countries with varying climates, İltekno was recognized as a “Recognized Solutions Provider” by MWM in 2020, granting it the right to provide sales and service in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa regions.

In 2023, Iltekno began developing, consulting, and installing Solar Power Plants. In a short period, it developed projects exceeding 350mW under 5.1.h, and installed over 45mW of turnkey rooftop and ground-mounted Solar Power Plants (SPP).

Iltekno, which has embraced respect for people and the environment as a fundamental principle, became a member of the United Nations Global Compact in 2019, committing to operate in accordance with the 10 principles based on United Nations declarations. As a distributor and solution partner of MWM, İltekno is also a “Solution Partner” of Siemens in the field of automation.

Iltekno, with its competent and experienced service teams in Turkey and globally, has become a globally sought-after and preferred company in the field of power plants for over 30 years, with numerous commissioning and minor-major maintenance services. In addition to on-site maintenance and troubleshooting services, it provides remote support to its customers through Remote Connection Solutions with its expert engineers, enabling remote detection of faults and rapid intervention with progressive methods rather than traditional approaches. Moreover, with its 700 m2 workshops and warehouses in Kocaeli and Gaziantep, İltekno provides fast logistics operations to its customers by supplying original spare parts while also completing major maintenance in its own workshop quickly and delivering them.

İltekno is also the exclusive distributor for Texaco HDAX series gas engine oils and Delo XLC antifreezes in Turkey and Cyprus as per the agreement made with Petrol Ofisi in 2023.

  • 1989


    Establishment of Iltekno

    Iltekno was established in 1989 in Istanbul. The first projects undertaken were gas turbines for many industrial facilities in Turkey. Cooperation was established with MAN as an “Energy Solution Partner”.

  • 2002


    MWM Distributorship Agreement

    In 2002, Iltekno established a partnership with MWM as the distributor of MWM cogeneration projects in Turkey. Many projects have been concluded since the first years of the agreement

  • 2010


    1.000 MW

    Iltekno has concluded the projects of cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant of 1000 MW in total. All of these projects were carried out in Turkey and the Middle East.

  • 2011


    Establishment of Automation Facility

    Iltekno has been offering its services since 2011 with its internal automation, internal software and panel manufacturing teams. An automation facility was opened in Gebze to offer Iltekno branded solutions.

  • 2014


    1.500 MW

    Iltekno has concluded the projects of cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant of 1500 MW in total. Iltekno started to develop projects in new countries such as Iraq, Algeria and Egypt.

  • 2015


    Branch Establishment in Africa

    A total of 60 MW project in West Africa, Guinea was completed. The operation and maintenance of the power plants are carried out by Iltekno’s internal teams.

  • 2018


    Siemens Solution Partnership in Automation Systems

    Iltekno has become the Solution Partner of Siemens for automation systems.

  • 2019


    350 Employees on its 30th Year

    Iltekno has reached a total of 350 employees in 4 locations around the world in its 30th year.

  • 2020


    2,000 MW in 20 countries

    The cogeneration, trigeneration and combined cycle power plant project completed by Iltekno in 250 different locations has reached 2,000 MW in total, and new countries in South America and Africa have been added to the reference list.

  • 2023


    Solar Energy Power Plant (SEP) Project Development and Installation

    İltekno, which began project development, consultancy, and installation of Solar Energy Power Plants (SEPPs), has quickly developed projects exceeding 350mW under 5.1.h, and installed over 45mW of turnkey rooftop and ground-mounted Solar Energy Power Plants (SEPPs).