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April 2020
  • Couple of months ago CEMEX has awarded Iltekno, for turnkey construction of the new containerized 8.5 MW power plant. Iltekno will be installing containerized/modular system using MAN ES gensets, in Arawak Cement Factory, Barbados. Our team has worked on designing and organizing the works mostly via home office lately. The new modular premanufactured concept will not need any major civil jobs or a complicated installation schedule. Last week, first batch of manufacturing is complete and now on its way to Barbados. Still many challenges ahead but happy to see that first milestone is achieved. Grateful for the team who made all possible during these difficult times!




February 2020
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September 2019
January 2019
  • Karbon ayak izini azaltarak iklim değişikliği ile mücadeleye destek olan 25 kuruluş ve İltekno referanslarından olan MNG MALL projesi Sürdürülebilir Üretim ve Tüketim Derneği tarafından Düşük Karbon Kahramanı olarak ödüllendirildi.

    Sera gazı salımında cimri davranarak iklim değişimiyle mücadele eden kuruluşlar, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (İTÜ) ev sahipliğinde düzenlenen 5. İstanbul Karbon Zirvesi’nde Sürdürülebilir Üretim ve Tüketim Derneği (SÜT-D) tarafından Düşük Karbon Kahramanı olarak ödüllendirildi. 


  • Commissioning of the 3 x 1880 kW MAN Power Plant has been completed in Guyana.

December 2018
  • Yapılcan Biomass Power Plant, which is one of our reference facilities, is starting to produce electricity from beet leaf and bovine and chicken manure.


    Aksaray’da pancar yaprağından elektrik

November 2018
  • 14 Million Kilowatt Per Year At Iltekno Biogas Plant: In Edirne, Electricity Will Be Produced from Landfill Gas.

    In the Solid Waste Landfill and Waste Disposal Facilities, which was commissioned by Edirne municipality in November of last year, electricity production has been started. This facility, which is one the biogas references of Iltekno, will generate 14 million 16 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This figure is expected to reach 28 million kilowatts next year.

  • Ukraine will sign contract with İltekno İleri Teknoloji Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş.for 1 MW Cogeneration Facility in Kharkiv.

    After prudent consideration of all tenders in international competitive bidding, Public Utility “Kharkivski teplovi merezhi” decided to award the contract to İltekno İleri Teknoloji Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. in the project of Ukraine District Heating Energy Efficiency Project (UDHEEP) for the provision of the goods / services in Construction of Cogeneration Plant Electric Capacity 1 MW in Boiler Houses at 1 Akademika Proskury Street in the City of Kharkiv.



    Public Utility “Kharkivski teplovi merezhi”, the Employer and the Implementing Agency, awarded the Contract to İltekno, whose offer has been determined to be the lowest evaluated bid and is substantially responsive to the Bidding Document, provided further that İltekno is determined to be eligible and qualified to perform the Contract satisfactorily.

    The Facility is existing Boiler House at 1 Akademika Proskury Street, Kharkiv, Kyivskyi administrative district, Ukraine and located inside the territory (industrial site) of the factory “Khartron-Plant”.

    To increase the use efficiency of heat power, real-time control and the reliability of the district heating system of the main and auxiliary boiler equipment, İltekno will carry out works for the construction and commissioning of a cogeneration plant electric capacity of 1 MW on the basis of two container-type units with electric capacity of 400 kW and 600 kW 0.4 kV class voltage of each at the industrial site of the boiler house. Within the framework of this Contract, İltekno will perform the replacement of heating network pump units and recirculation pumps of boilers, installation of a automated control systems of heating network pumps with electric motor frequency converters in the boiler house, and also reconstruction of the 0.4 kV switchgears. 




  • 2015 Yılında Türkiye Çapında Yaşanan Elektrik Kesintisinde Tek Çalışan Tesis Referanslarımızdan olan GÜSAB OSB oldu!

    Mart 2015’te Türkiye’deki elektrik kesintisi hayatı felç ederken, Bursa’nın Gürsu ilçesindeki Organize Sanayi Bölgesi bu kesintiden etkilenmeyen tek sanayi bölgesi oldu. 79’u büyük ölçekli 101 firmayı bünyesinde barındıran Gürsu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (GÜSAB), Türkiye’de elektriği kesilmeyen tek sanayi bölgesi oldu. GÜSAB Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Yunus Aydın, farklarının doğalgazdan dönüşümü düşük barda yapmalarından kaynaklandığını söyledi.

December 2017
  • Iltekno was ranked 3rd in the "Export of Architectural, Engineering, Scientific and Other Technical Services" Category and awarded by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

September 2017
  • İLTEKNO, has renewed the distributor agreement with MWM.
    The ceremony was held in presence of the top level MWM management, during the global MWM distributor meeting in Heidelberg.

July 2017
  • Africa on the rise: Give "energy" back to Guinea
    The Turkish company Iltekno has established itself in the energy sector over the years which is the main problem to be solved, according to the director of operations of the company.
    When he arrived in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak, Nami Isik, Director of African Operations at Turkish company Iltekno, wasn’t doubting that there was so much to discover in Guinea.
    Iltekno, operating in the energy sector, "had come for a maintenance operation of power plants" but eventually decided to invest more in the country.
    A decision that Isik does not regret today, even if the beginnings were difficult.
    "Many people advised against us to come in Guinea because of the Ebola outbreak raging, but we have decided to stay when we discovered the despair of Guinean people" says Isik.
    "I remember that arriving on the first day, we had seen no light on the way from the airport to the hotel, the roads were laying in the dark and there was not even a single street lamp. Even the city center was without electricity, which had surprised us" he said, noting that even the available power plants were no longer in operation due to lack of maintenance.
    Continuing, Isik states "European companies had been demanding a maintenance budget of $ 6 million to $ 7 million with a one-year lead time, while we have been able to provide all of the maintenance works in one month for a budget of about 400 thousand dollars ".
    "Today, we also ensure the operation of two power plants in Conakry and belonging to the government, as well as their maintenance," he said, before adding that "from the beginning of power plant operation, Guinea has been the subject of sudden interest of foreign companies and the World Bank".
    "Energy is the main problem to be solved in Guinea," comments the director of operations.
    - "After the arrival of our President of the Republic, we decided to build".
    Isik acknowledges that when the company started investing in 2015, in a difficult area like Guinea, they "had to face many problems".
    "The Guinean government has given us its support, but some international structures have attempted to slow down the project. Sincerely, during a period we had become pessimistic" confesses Isik.
    However, since the official visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016, things have taken a different shape:
    "Before the visit of our President of the Republic in Guinea, we were feeling alone. Even if our relations with the Guinean government were good, they were remaining insufficient. But this visit has changed so much in a year. Turkish Airlines has arranged direct flights, the Maarif Foundation and the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Development have arrived" he states.
    "We figured out that we were not alone anymore and it was an incredible source of motivation for us. Since then, we have begun to redouble our efforts. Before, we were saying -we will stay for a while and return-, we are now preparing to begin the construction works of the place where our society will be located. All this happened after the visit of Erdogan" he adds.
    Emphasizing that practically every week, businessmen delegations come from Turkey to Guinea, Isik says that Turkish investors benefit from the region in an advantageous position.
    Isik, who notices that the perception of "Turks are working fast and good" appears to have gained ground in the market, attracts attention on the country's needs for essential investments such as building materials, painting factories or fish farming systems.
    Suggesting to Turkish businessmen to favor long-term investments rather than short-term projects, Isik insists on the fact that the first arrivals will be victorious, especially as competitors are absent on the sector.
    "The Guineans have never forgotten that we came and stayed during this difficult period" says Isik, who notes that Turkey enjoys a special place in the region.
    The company currently employs 60 Turks and 45 Guineans. The annual income of Iltekno, which has invested a total of 40 million euros, amounts to approximately 10 million euros. This figure increases each year by 4 to 5%.
    Iltekno, that has started operating the plant in 2015, will continue for six years and at the end of this period will decide whether to continue or not, he said.
    The company that had already invested in Iraq before, after Guinea, launched a new project in Senegal.




February 2017
  • With the first project of 2017, Iltekno has started activities in Americas. Subject powerplant which will be delivered in 6 months, will run on HFO/Diesel with the total capacity of 6 MW. 

January 2017
  • Iltekno has been awarded with 18 power plant projects, 8 of which are renewable energy projects (6 landfill gas, 2 biogas). 
November 2016
  • As of November, ILTEKNO has been awarded with the extension project of the cogeneration plant, in a textile factory located in Sakarya Turkey, which is also a former reference of Iltekno.
    Extension projects consists of 1 x MWM TCG 2032V16 natural gas fired genset (4,3 MWe) and waste heat recovery system.

October 2016
  • Within October 2016 İltekno has completed installation and commissioning of 4 renewable power plants in 4 different cities. Subject renewable power plants are running on landfill gas are capable of running on 24/7 basis, have up to three times the availability compared to solar and wind powered plants. 8 units which are installed in Niğde, Kahramanmaraş Samsun and Osmaniye, are capable of producing 80.000.000 kWh energy each year, utilising landfill gas.

September 2016
  • Field works of the 50% expansion of RB Karesi Textile Cogeneration Plant has started.

August 2016
  • Within the third quarter of 2016, İltekno was awarded with supplying the power plants of TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) Projects'  compressor stations in Eskisehir and Ardahan.

July 2016
  • As of July 2016, Iltekno’s experience on power plants are as below;
    32 renewable energy projects, fueled by non-natural gases (biogas & landfill gas),
    120 natural gas fired power plant projects,
    31 HFO fired power plant projects
    110 cogeneration projects
    29 trigeneration projects
    Maintenance services for above mentioned power plants,
    Full operation and maintenance of 8 power plants in 3 countries
    In total                  183         projects              
    Epc of                    139         projects

June 2016
  • Iltekno has participated in nearly 1.700 MW of power plant projects, with a total of 200 power plant installations.

May 2016
  • Iltekno is ready for all maintenance and operation works 24/7 in Sub Saharan Africa with 80 local and foreigner expat personnel. Our focus is all kinds of internal combustion engine generating sets and turbocharger maintenance.

March 2016
  • Control Systems Products of Iltekno has been presented in the WIN Exhibition

January 2016
  • As of 2016, Iltekno is active in 7 countries, in 3 continents

December 2015
  • Iltekno has completed her EPC activities in Sub-Saharan Africa, days after the completion, came the end of Ebola outbreak.

September 2014
June 2014
  • Iltekno implemented the installation of Cogeneration Plant in universities of Turkey and agreed also installation of 1,6 MW capacity Cogeneration Plant  for Fırat University. This is Iltekno's third university CHP installation after Koc and Piri Reis University.
April 2014
  • SENTIDO Zeynep Resort Golf & Spa Hotel by Forza Tourism Company made an agreement with Iltekno for installation of 0,8 MW capacity Trigeneration Plant, located in holiday destination Antalya, Belek province in Turkey.
  • Ak Nişasta to increase their existing 2 MW Cogeneration Plant capacity agreed once again for 2nd MW capacity engine with Iltekno.
  • ER-SA Construction Company with their growing projects decided to sign an agreement with Iltekno for 1,6 MW capacity Trigeneration Plant.
March 2014
  • Boğazköy company, preferred Iltekno for 1.2 MW Amasya Landfill project.
January 2014
  • Iltekno made an agreement to install 2 pieces of 2 MW capacity engine  Trigeneration Plant in THY Cargo Terminal.
  • As an innovator company, located in Tekirdağ, Corlu province, CAN Textile expressed their appreciation in existing 12 MW total capacity Cogeneration Plant with the order of 3rd 4,3 MW capacity engine.
November 2013
  • Florence Nightingale Hastanesi 2 MW lık çalışan motorlarının ardından İltekno firması ile 0,8 MW kapasiteli 2. motor için anlaşma imzaladı.
June 2012
  • After noticing that 2 MW Cogeneration Plant installed by Iltekno has provided the proposed performance values, Tat Textile expressed appreciation with the order of 2nd 2 MW capacity engine.

May 2012
  • Bupiliç has agreed with Iltekno for installation of Cogeneration Plant with 2 MW capacity.

April 2012
  • 18th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference
    Iltekno participated in The 18th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI 2012) where subjects as Energy Policies, Cogeneration, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Environmental Technologies and General Outlook on the World Energy Sector were discussed, was held at Istanbul Expo Center from 25-27 April.

  • Angela Merkel visited MWM at the Hannover Messe 2012
    Hanover, April 23, 2012
    Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao opened the Hannover Messe on the 22nd of April 2012, which takes place according to the motto “New Technology First” this year.After the official cutting of the red ribbon at the Angela Merkel and the Chinese prime minister attended a joint fair tour. One of the stops was the booth of MWM.

  • Ak Nişasta has agreed with Iltekno for installation of Cogeneration Plant with 2 MW capacity. The contract for 1.2 MW Trigeneration Plant of Gaziantep Hospital, realized by Sanko Group, has been signed.

March 2012
  • After the successfull completion of 1st stage of 1.4 MW Power Plant by Iltekno, Her Energy, agreed with Iltekno for 2nd phase 1.3 MW and 3rd phase 1.6 MW Landfill Gas Power Generation Plant.

  • Iltekno has started to install of 4.3 MW Cogeneration Power Plant of Abateks Textile which is one of the leading integrated textile factories in Kahramanmaras.

  • Remondis which is an active company on water, wastewater and solid waste management, chose Iltekno for installation of 0.6 MW Cogeneration Plant that will be established in order to produce electricity and heat from biogas in Denizli Wastewater Treatment Facility.

  • Middle East Energy which is one of the leading companies operating in environmentally-friendly energy sector "Landfill Gas Power Generation", agreed with the Iltekno for turnkey 4.1 MW Landfill Gas Power Generation Plants in ISTAC Odayeri and Komurcuoda Sanitary Landfill Sites.

December 2011
  • ABS Alçı, one of the leading companies in gypsum industry signed with Iltekno for 1.6 MW capacity Cogeneration Plant.

  • Polyplex chose Iltekno for 8.6 MW Cogeneration Plant, as a result of successful cooperation for installation of 12 MW Trigeneration Plant.

November 2011
  • Anadolu Iplik, has agreed with Iltekno for installation of Cogeneration Plant with 8.6 MW capacity.

October 2011
  • Şimşek Bisküvi, one of the leading companies in biscuits sector, chose Iltekno for the investment of 1.6 MW Cogeneration Plant.

September 2011
  • Tekno Energy has been established to generate and sell electricity, made agreement with Iltekno for 25.8 MW capacity Power Plant in Bilecik.

August 2011
  • Global Energy, has agreed with Iltekno for installation of Power Plant with 8.6 MW capacity in Egypt.

  • Hasırcı chose Iltekno for installation of 4.3 MW Cogeneration Plant.
  • Körfez Energy agreed with Iltekno for 1.2 MW capacity Landfill Gas Power Generation Plant.
May 2011
  • Samsun Avdan decided to sign with Iltekno for 2nd stage Landfill Gas Power Plant with a capacity of 1.2 MW.
April 2011
  • Plasko, has activities in the national and international plastics industry, signed an agreement with Iltekno for the installation of 2 MW Cogeneration Plant.
March 2011
  • TAT Textile 2 MW Cogeneration Plant Project has been signed.
  • Bilkur Textile agreed with Iltekno for the investment of Cogeneration Plant with a capacity of 2 MW.
  • Her Energy, again chose Iltekno for 1.4 MW Landfill Gas Power Plant.
January 2011
  • Europen, signed with Iltekno for installation of 2 MW capacity Trigeneration Plant located in Eskişehir.
  • Beypiliç signed with Iltekno for the installation of a cogeneration system consisting of 2 units of 4,3 MW TCG2032V16 engines.

  • Burteks has agreed with Iltekno for an installation of 4,3 MW cogeneration plant in Gaziantep.

  • Selçuk Iplik decided to install an additional 4,3 MW cogeneration plant in their factory located in Gaziantep.

  • Isparta Mensucat has agreed with Iltekno for an installation of 4,3 MW cogeneration plant in Isparta.

  • Samur Halı decided to install a 4,3 MW cogeneration plant in their factory located in Ankara.

December 2010
  • Samsun Avdan signed a landfill gas project with Iltekno to install a 1,2 MW cogeneration plant.

November 2010
  • Mutlu Makarna signed with Iltekno for installation of a cogeneration plant with the capacity of 2 MW.

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